In this guide, we will be walking through creating a listing.

To start go to this link, ( log in if required ) –

You will be greeted with a page like this, select the category you believe your product should be in.

Click on your choice of category until you see

(Pro Tip) Unsure of the exact category?.

Check what your competitors are listed in.

First thing to do is tick “Advanced view”

This will unlock every option.

Next head over to GS1 and get the next number from your GS1 number bank.

Enter this product into “Product ID, Then in the dropdown box go to EAN

The next thing to enter is your Manufacturer details. These must match your GS1 Account or Amazon will not open the listing.

After you have done this enter a title, this must be keyword rich, You can use between 150-200 characters for the title, depending on the listing. This number has been higher before but there are changes on a regular basis but for now, this is the current guideline.

However, Amazon recommends a length of max. 80 characters so the title is displayed in full length on smartphones as well, further, this length is perfect for ensure a better ranking.

When you have decided on you title, it’s time to come up with / enter your brand.

If you have never used this brand before it must be unique to you. If you have a brand in the Brand registry/ Transparency it must be spelt identically.

Depending on the category you are in the rest of this page will vary, it could include package quantity, Item size, Colour etc.

Try to fill in every box then hit this link