You have spent hours/ days or even months deciding on your perfect product.

The listing is looking perfect.

Now you need to get it ready for market, so your just going to stick it in a jiffy bag and write what’s in it on the bag right……. Wrong.

If you have any hope of getting reviews or even staying on Amazon you need to follow these guidelines.

Amazon FBA packaging requirements

For the beginning, we start with some information that has to be displayed on your packaging

  • Your official business address
  • Possibility to contact you: phone number or e-mail address
  • Your respective barcode, i.e. the EAN or FNSKU

Furthermore, If your products have a CE-certificate, this must be on the packaging as well.

If they have a LFGB certificate, this must be printed either on the product itself or on the packaging.

If you send products that have an expiration date, it must be on the packaging and on the product itself.

Don’t believe us ?

Here is a link to Amazon rules….

So that’s it right, we hope you enjoy jumping through hoops as we are only just getting started.

As the manufacturer of your products, you are responsible for the packaging and as such for the waste it sooner or later becomes.

Depending on the size and quantity of the packaging, there are fees for this, which compensate for the corresponding effort.

You have to follow different steps to register your packaging and the resulting waste.

Since last year, you must first register as a company in the so-called packaging register.

This is the central registration office for this topic.

Please make sure you follow the instructions on how to register.

If you do not take care of the registration, you are threatened with high fines of up to 50.000,- EUR and a general sales ban on Amazon.

See More About This Here

FBA Prep

Using Amazon FBA, the type of your item plays an important role in terms of packaging.

  • Loose Products: Loose products (when sold together) have to be in the same package.
  • Sold as Set: Sets with many pieces within one box have to be marked with “Sold as set” or “Do not separate.”
  • Boxed Units: All shipments in boxes must be six-sided and completely closed, difficult to open again and able to withstand light pressure on all sides.
  • Poly bagged Units: Poly bags must be completely sealed, they must be transparent and contain a barcode. If they have openings larger than five inches, warnings must be printed on the bag or applied as a label.
  • Expiration Date: If an article contains an expiration date, this date must be displayed on the individual article as well as on the container.
  • Case-packed products

If you don’t want to label everything yourself, you can also use the Amazon FBA Prep Service.