What Is Product Photography

e-Commerce photography also known as product photography are photos taken and used on retail websites and social media platforms to help drive sales of your product.

Why do I need a professional photographer?

Because online shopping is now part of everyday life, the choice of products and brands available to consumers in any given category can be vast.

So how do you stand out?

I’m sure you have heard someone say a picture can tell a thousand words, Who would you prefer to speak to your customer, an apprentice or a master?

People buy with the eye, so give them something to look at!

How can you help me?

Cyber Online Sales LTD are all about creatively capturing your eCommerce product photography.

We are primarily shooting eCommerce photographs for sites such as eBay & Amazon in a way that actually shows the products in a crisp professional way.

We do focus on the main sales streams however our team can produce your photos in any size or style you require.

Our team aims to take your vision and put it on the screen for you to share it with your customers.

Our friendly team will work with you until you are happy with the finished photos.

We provide you with product photography services to suit your business needs whether this is simple product imagery on white backgrounds or complex composite lifestyle photography.

Picture of a Blue Shoe

Main Images

Lifestyle Images

Explainer Images

360 Photos

Amazon / eBay Images

Product Photography studies have shown that having high-quality imagery can increase sales by up to 60%.

So it is a fact, that shoppers purchase more from sellers with professional images.

It is important for online businesses to get the imagery for their products perfect, especially for their listings where products will be browsed and compared with similar products from other sellers’

Some platforms such as Amazon have the zoom function allowing for up to 2000 pixels, there is, no place for blurry, pixelated images with jagged edges, non-pure white backgrounds or bad composition.

Our award-winning photographic team takes the time to ensure that your Product Photography is perfect to marketplaces image requirements, whilst being cost-effective.

For example, Amazon allows for up to 7 images per product – our Product Packages are a mixture of 8 images per product with pure white backgrounds and lifestyle shots where allowed.

The standard package is two main (sometimes called hero) images and 6 additional images and if you upgrade your package you can add a premium feature image and a premium infographic image depending on your product’s needs.

If our Product Photography Packages do not suit your needs then just get in touch and we can try to tailor one.

Extra charges may apply for
More than expected prepping – we need to receive pristine products
Shoots on location, model fees, and props
Oversized, highly reflective or fabric products

All our Product Photography packages come with the following

  • Products prepped
  • High-resolution and web-ready images for instant upload
  • Instant online delivery
  • Royalty-free unlimited usage

Design Your Own Package

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