When writing sales  copy always keep it in mind that sales copy only comes second to pictures when it comes to telling the story of your product.

Many Amazon sellers will look at other listings or buy a book or DVD on copywriting,

These are a good start but copyrighting is no set system

What might work on one platform may not work as well on another.

You also need to keep in mind the niche, product price and if the customer is likely to be using a desktop or mobile phone to purchase.

Typically a cheaper product, paticually a consumable will be purchased from a mobile device with very little thought from the buyer so requires short clean keyword rich bullet points.


Creating Sales Copy

Creating sales copy to help you sell products is reliant on the way your products are described.

A product listing that is written to entice shoppers to buy your product with compelling, informative yet persuasive sales copy performs above and beyond copy that is poorly written.

There are several places on an Amazon listing to add enticing copy, both above and below the fold, to help the consumer understand and buy your products.

Amazon has such a vast product choice for shoppers, it is essential that your listings stand out and sell your products better than your competition.

Our in house copywriter knows every space on an Amazon listing to help sell your products.

Using the above the fold content, also known as B+ content, to highlight the products USPs in punching bullet points.

As well as the A+ content below the fold to expand on the product and tell the brand story.

The copy that we produce isn’t just written for Amazon, but search engines too.


Amazon is the same as anywhere on line, if written write it will be indexed by search engines , a well optimised Amazon listing can also appear in search engine results pages.

Writing copy with this in mind can help to bring in sales from Amazon directly, but also on Amazon via a search engine such as Google.



We write a keyword-rich pulling title while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines of character count and layout format

Bullet Points

We write 5 pulling bullet points to compliment your product images while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines of character count.

A+ Content

We produce both the text and images ready to be uploaded yourself or by us using remote assistance- Please note you must be brand registered for this service.

Hire A Copywriter On An Ad-Hoc Basis

Looking to have the entire listing written or something else, have a custom piece written by one of our copywriters.

We do not list prices for these services as several variables such as niche, if keyword research has been carried etc affect the price.