Welcome to the second part of how to create an Amazon listing

By now you should have entered your, EAN, Manufacturer Details, Title, Brand ant anything else required on the first page.

Now at hit Offer

The first box will be for your Stock keeping unit tag (SKU).

Enter something to help you identify this product in your inventory.

The next few boxes relate to prices, These are not set in stone so put what your competitors are selling for.

We do not recommend setting a sale at day one as it is law that an item is at a set price for 90 days prior to a sale being applied.

When you make your first sale, see what Amazon are charging you.

Add your buy in costs and overheads then set your price accordingly.

Select the condition then set a release date when you know the listing will be finished and your stock in in your hand ready to sell.

If your selling via FBA we recommend you tick allowing gift wrap.

Once you have filled out every detail on this page click the link below for Part 3