Reinvigorate Your Network On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has often been called the modern day golf course because it really is the only notable social media network for business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to connect with each other.

This makes it the perfect channel for those looking to market their services within a B2B context.

Every second 2 users join Linkedin with profiles registered across more than 200 countries, it is not a marketing channel to be missed.

If you are targeting other businesses with a product or service.

Many companies looking to target individual professionals with a serviceor product have leveraged the power of LinkedIn.

Using it to drive new sign ups or, at the very least, initial consultations, at a very low cost compared to more traditional marketing channels.

The beest part of LinkedIn……. is that you can filter users by job title, location, estimated income and so much more.

So… So.. much better than a shotgun approach posting out thousands of flyers or aimlessly “networking” at huge business conferences in the hope of stumbling across your ideal prospect.

What Do You Actually Do?

Our Team will give your social media channels the attention they deserve, making sure that they are full of thrilling and persuasive content

The end goal is to make followers into new site visitors for your website and growing your brand recognition from the Twitter feed to the checkout cart.

Our methods includes:

  • Creating thrilling content to put in your scheduling software
  • Designing appealing social media graphics
  • Engaging with your followers
    Listening to and responding to comments
  • Monitoring your Twitter direct messages
  • Ensuring that your page or group is kept up to date.
  • Curating relevant content from other places on the web

All of the above could also be supported by a paid twitter advertising campaign too, for an extra boost to your social media presence!

From monitoring your Cost-Per-View to improving your Twitter ad relevance score, our team also have plenty of experience in running Twitter ad campaigns.

Simply let us know that you are specifically looking top add PPC to your Twitter campaign.

Is it worth investing time & money into Twitter?

It is easy to think it but Don’t be fooled into wondering that Twitteris a “fad”.

Companies correctly using Twitter have a low budget way to pinpoint target future customers.

Everything is measurable so there aren’t any unknowns, making sure your advertising marketing campaign provides notable outcomes without the waste you locate with conventional advertising.

Please be warned that this is not an overnight process, it involves our team getting to know your business and split testing over and over until the winning recipe is unlocked

On average, Twitter’s user base has elevated 8% year on year.

The platform’s 400 million monthly visitors can no longer be ignored.

Twitter gives a treasured possibility to get in the front of tens of thousands and thousands of eyes, a lot of whom spend quite a few time at the platform and could be perfect for your brand.

We can grow your audience, offering them exciting content to engage with and then persuading them to take some kind of action that is valuable to your brand

You may have the time to do this yourself but have you considered whether you are the best person for the job?

Or could you be using your time to work on something else that you excel at and enjoy?

Contact us and have a chat about how we could help you grow.