Social Media Marketing is a powerfull tool that far to often is done wrong. 

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn… the list goes on. It may be difficult to understand in which to start.

That’s in which a skilled social media digital assistant comes in.

They will draw on their expertise to aid you in developing your company’s social media presence, looking after the entirety from scheduling Tweets to creating targeted Facebook ads.

Facebook (Meta) was launched in 2004 and has long been the Social media giant to catch.

Social Media is easy to overlook and can get you seen by a large audience for very little investment.

Most businesses are “Blue moon posters” they only post once in a Blue moon and any followers they do have do not like this.

Followers want to be connected, the easiest way to connect. Post content.

Social media also offers social proof, more and more buyers are now checking company’s social media before purchasing or making contact.

If your last post was 13 months ago they will think you are not in business anymore. If it was 3 days or even 3 hours ago they will think you are available if they have any problems with the purchase.

It is likewise very possibly that their competition are taking complete benefit of the strength of social media advertising and reaping the rewards.

Are you lacking out?

Supercharge Your Facebook

Every five seconds a new Facebook (Meta) profile is created!

This is precisely why 42% of entrepreneurs record that Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their advertising strategy.

Our Team Can

  • Post engaging updates on your business page
  • Act as a community manager to interact with your fans
  • Design social media graphics
  • Manage Facebook advert campaigns
  • Co-ordinate Facebook Live activities with you
  • Keep your business page records updated

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Recharge Your Twitter Feed

The world of Tweets, DMs and Hashtags may be bewildering and time-consuming.

Looking to save time and avoid getting sucked into a Twitter wormhole?

Leave your feed with one of our team.

They all have experience with Twitter and working with it alongside other social media platforms.

Our Team Can

  • Keep on top of your Tweets
  • Interact with your followers and fans
  • Reply to your Direct Messages
  • Run Twitter events and monitor hashtags
  • Create engaging images to illustrate your posts

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Reinvigorate Your Network On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is “the world’s biggest expert community at the Internet” with nearly half a billion registered members!

But LinkedIn can become overwhelming at first.

Do I post direct my business page or use my private profile?

Are the paid-for plans really well worth it?

Our Team Can

  • Refresh your profile to impress
  • Keep the conversation flowing within your LinkedIn group
  • Post engaging updates to impress your connections
  • Enrich your company page to ensure it stands out
  • Reach out to new leads and boost your network.

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