Remote Assistance Using TeamViewer (15 Minutes )


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With the cost of fuel now, sometimes it’s not worth having us come and help in person with a small issue.

We use a service called Teamviewer to access your laptop, it’s just like having one of our team sat next to you.


How It Works

We will ask you to download the free software ( )

This will give you a user ID and password.

You can share these details with us over the phone or email.

A member of our team will log in and open a chat menu,

We will control your keyboard and mouse.

We will work together to solve your issue.


Is it safe?

Throughout the entire experience you are in control, you can also control the mouse and keyboard and can end the session at any point.

Is it secure ?

TeamViewer can see that a connection is in place, however they cannot monitor what is being done on the screen

Additional information

45 Minutes

We Control Your Screen Via TeamViewer For Up To

30 Minutes

30 Minutes